Firearm Transfers

Firearm Transfers into Mississippi can Be Done Easier than ever now.  Our Low Price of $20.00 per transfer keeps customers coming back.  Simply let your Gun Broker Know which FFL (CM & Associates) you would like to use and have your firearm shipped directly to us where we will make the transfer.

New Firearms

We offer New Firearms Online From Most any Dealer Out There.  Our prices are as low as we can possibly get them and we look to meet any reasonable quote on new firearms.  Order From us and Have The Firearm Shipped to your FFL in Your State.

Custom Engraving and Polishing

We offer custom engraving and Polishing at a reasonable price.   We strive to have very quick turn around on items and to give you a one of a kind product that you can be proud of.  Contact us Right Away with Your Engraving Needs!

Credit Card Payments

We are Set up for credit card payments for new firearms.  There is a small additional fee for doing transactions with a credit card vs cash payment.  We can also sell accessories through PayPal.  Unfortunately PayPal doesn't allow firearms to be purchased through their company.  However Scopes, Gear, and other Accessories are open Game!

Cash / Check Payments

Cash and Check Payments allow us to get to the very rock bottom pricing because we can waive the overhead from a third party service company.  Once you Mail in Your Check and it Clears or we Receive your Cash Payment your order is placed immediately.

Ready To Order!!!

Email Us Today For A Price Quote for Any of Our Services! We look forward to hearing from you